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We are providing in depth knowledge on fish farming at our on filed training centre.


Farmers who owns a land more than 2000 sq.ft. Even with the small resources of water supply can start fish farming.



With a small investment amount of Rs.25,000/-*. Unemployed person can start this business with 1 tank



This is the best opportunity for graduates of any stream interested in startups of small budget with Government subsidy.

Fish Farming


Anybody can start Biofloc Fish farming with prior practical training at our production farm. We are providing in depth knowledge on fish farming at our on filed training centre.


About Yadav Bio Floc

We are the first private fish farm situated in Haryana recognized for supply of fish seed to Haryana Govt. SFS Farm is equipped with all the latest gadgets in aquaculture business and in the position to supply any kind of quality and quantity of culturable carps. Our goal is to develop and promote sustainable aquaculture and in pursuit of this staff carries out research across most areas of aquaculture science with technical guidance and help from Fisheries Scientists of NDRI in the following fields.

Fish Culture Fish Breeding Fish Disease Fish Nutrition Aquaculture Systems LEARN MORE


After completing this programme, participants will be able to:


Identify/familiarize with different species for culture operations: finfish and/or shellfish


Assist in pond preparation activities: water intake activities, water treatment, pre-stocking pond preparation.


Assist in various culture operations: post-stocking pond preparation like feeding; periodic soil, water and fish sampling and netting operation etc.


Assist in harvest & post-harvest activities: understand marketable size of fish and ensure desirable harvesting with minimum handling.

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Biofloc Fish Framing is A Complete Process Where You Will Earn Money By Fisheries. In This Process You Have To Buy Eggs of A Fish And Then You Have To Keep them Safe Until They Will Become Floc And Then You Can Sell Them OR You Can Keep them Until they Will Grow As A Fish. In This Process We Will Earn Money By  Rearing The Fishes.

Anyone, That Have Some Land And Availability of Fresh Water. To Do This Work, You Have To Be A Proper Knowledge of Fishes And Their Diseases. To Grow The Flocs Into A Fish You Have To Take A Good Care. More Then That You Have To Be Ready To Do Hard Work. If You Have These Qualities, Then You Can Earn Money By Fish Farming. This Is Beneficial For Students That Have No Job, Farmers And Other Peoples.

Yadav BioFloc Fish Farming is Best Fish Farming Training Platfrom In India. Through Yadav BioFloc Fish Framing Online Platform You can Fish Farming Secrets From Haryana’s Largest Fish Farming Owner “Mr. Kuldeep Yadav”. They Will Provide You A Step By Step Guides Regarding To The Fish Farming And How To Earn Money From It.

Yes, To Get Success In Fish Farming And To Earn Money From It, You Have To Be Some Knowledge About Fish, Their Foods, their Basic Requirements To Grow Healthy And How To Change Their Tank Water And How To Clean Their Tank. You Have To Learn All these Skills To Get Success In Fish Farming.


You Can Learn Fish Farming Skills From Various Online And Offline Fish Farming Training Centers, Institutes And Platforms. Otherwise You Can Purchase Courses of Some Popular Fish Farming Experts. That Will Help You To Earn Some Extra Revenue By Taught You How To Keep Fish Safe And How To Prepare Your Crop Fast. 

Mr. Kuldeep Yadav Is The Best Fish Farming Trainer In India. He Has More Than 8 Years Experience In Fish Farming And He Is The Owner of The Haryana’s Largest Fish Farming Tanks. In Past Years He Trained Many Students And they Are Earning A Good Revenue Through Fish Farming. So. Without Any Doubt Mr. Kuldeep Yadav is Best Fish Farming Trainer In India.

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